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We offer the most affordable printing and framing options on the market.


We’re committed to delivering exceptional quality, as your success is intertwined with ours.


We have the broadest range of branding, paper, and framing print-on-demand options.


Consistently reliable and transparent, we’ll ensure peace of mind with every order.

Our Story

Artelo was founded in 2023 as an e-commerce-focused spinoff of our established printing and framing service. We created Artelo with a clear and focused objective: to empower artists to build fantastic brands through our comprehensive range of art, paper, printing, and framing services.
As we delved deeper into e-commerce and interacted with artists, we began understanding their unique challenges with conventional print-on-demand (POD) services. A recurring theme was the difficulty in creating a strong art brand when constrained by limited options, outsourced product production, and a lack of customization in branding experiences.
We noticed the complex network of relationships between POD companies and their suppliers often resulted in subpar customer service. We were inspired to redefine the print-on-demand landscape for artists, so we collaborated closely with a select group, prioritizing their artistic vision and success. We learned the importance of offering more creative choices, enriched branding experiences, and enhanced control over customer interactions.
Our approach is not just about providing a service; it's about partnering with artists to help them establish and elevate their unique brands.


Artelo aims to empower artists and elevate their work through exceptional print-on-demand services. We are dedicated to providing superior art reproduction and custom framing solutions, enabling artists to showcase their creativity and build their brands confidently and efficiently.


At Artelo, we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our service. From the meticulous reproduction of fine art to the precision of our custom framing, we promise to deliver unparalleled quality. We are dedicated to supporting artists' visions while innovating to enhance their experience and that of their customers. Our commitment extends beyond just fulfilling orders; we aim to be a trusted partner in the artistic journey, empowering passion through every print we produce.


We pride ourselves on being a diverse and dynamic team of 45 professionals united by a passion for art and excellence. Our team members are spread across six countries, bringing our company a rich tapestry of perspectives and skills. This international presence enriches our work culture and enhances our understanding of global artistic trends and customer needs. Artelo's operational footprint extends beyond Miami to Lexington, Kentucky, enabling us to manage our logistics and production processes efficiently. This strategic positioning allows us to maintain high quality and speed in delivering our products to artists and customers nationwide.

Our Leadership Team

Uri Rahimi

Chief Executive Officer

Ophir Rahimi

Chief Operating Officer

Jake Leventhal

Chief Technology Officer

Miguel Monserratt

Director of Production

Alexis Matzkin

Chief Marketing Officer

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