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Our print-on-demand service allows artists to sell custom, on-demand printed art. Artelo handles all printing, shipping, and order fulfillment.

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Getting Started

Create an Artelo account

Setting up an account is free and easy. Click the sign-up button to get started.

Connect your e-commerce channels

Artelo works best with Etsy and Shopify stores. Once you’ve created your account, you can integrate your shopping channels. From there, we’ll pull in all your listings and product data. Once your account is synced, you can create products using Artelo.

The initial setup

Once you decide how to use Artelo for your brand’s production, you’ll need to connect existing products to Artelo for fulfillment, create new products, and configure your listings with your preferences. We have a dedicated US-based onboarding support team to help you throughout the process.

Create a branded experience

Branding is essential for a successful art business. Before going live, you can set up several branding options, like custom-branded boxes and product inserts.

Create Products

Upload designs

The uploads page is where you’ll house all of your designs. Our drag-and-drop interface allows you to organize hundreds of files easily. Once uploaded, your designs can be used throughout the application to create products and listings.

Create new products

Now that you have designs uploaded into Artelo, creating new products is easy. You can select the sizes, paper options, and framing profiles you wish to offer. The product creation flow leads into the listing creation process, which takes around 2-3 minutes.

Scale with templates

Many users have thousands of listings. We created the templates tool to accommodate large catalogs. Templates are used to set a specific configuration for a product, like the size options, pricing, and paper types. Templates are used to create many versions of the same product type, so you can easily swap out designs and images as needed.

Fulfill existing products

If you’re switching from another print-on-demand provider, you may want us to fulfill those existing products. You have full control over which products or variations you want us to fulfill. The connecting process requires the creation of a matching Artelo product and design file. Once that is set up, we will handle fulfillment for the next incoming order.

Add additional sizes

Artelo offers a range of sizes that we encourage you to integrate into your existing listings. The listing creation flow allows you to edit or enhance existing listings.


Image mockup generator

Listing images are crucial, and the image mockup generator is an essential tool for scaling. We offer a library of listing image rendering templates, or you can use your PSD files. Mockups can also be automatically generated when creating a listing to make the creation process smoother.

Publish your listings

Once you've created your product listings within the Artelo platform, our seamless integration allows you to publish them directly to your e-commerce store.

Sit back and scale

Fulfill your orders

When an order is received, leave all the heavy lifting to us. Our team will handle everything from printing to shipping.

Global Reach

Tap into a global audience with ease. Our worldwide shipping service makes it simple for your products to reach customers worldwide.

Why choose Artelo?

Superior quality and selection

Our selection includes contemporary frames crafted from premium materials like white oak and metal. We also offer diverse paper options to enhance your art, including fine art reproduction and budget-friendly poster paper.

Fast turnaround times

Our production process, including printing, framing, and packaging, is completed within 2-3 business days. Your orders are shipped from our facility on the final production day, ensuring fast delivery.

Experts in printing and framing

As a leading print-on-demand service dedicated to printing and framing, we have complete control over our in-house production for unmatched quality.


Explore the advantages of Artelo without any hesitation. Our software is free to use.

Best-in-class software

Our e-commerce integrations are designed for scalability, enabling artists to expand their catalogs with ease. With user-friendly editing tools, streamlined listing creation workflows, and mockup generators, creating listings has never been easier.

Personalized Support

Our dedicated customer service team is available around the clock to provide assistance and answer questions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. You can continue using other print-on-demand services for your listings.

Artelo will be adding more integrations to our platform in the future. In the meantime, you could still use our services to fulfill orders manually. The only difference is that you would be responsible for creating manual orders and entering them into the application instead of our integration automatically handling this step for you.


Etsy is a great place to sell digital downloads, however, you’re unable to sell both digital and physical products in the same listing. We recommend creating physical version of existing digital Etsy listings that are “linked” together via the listing description and image stack.


Yes. You’re still in complete control of every aspect of your e-commerce stores. We do not charge commissions, mandate MOQs, or set any standards for pricing. We only charge you a preset rate for production and shipping once an order is placed and fulfilled by us.

Yes, absolutely! When artists upload their designs to Artelo, they retain full copyright ownership and all intellectual property rights associated with their art. Our platform operates on the principle of respecting and safeguarding artists’ creative control over their work.

By uploading to Artelo, artists grant us a limited license, which is just enough for us to print and fulfill orders as per their instructions. Artelo is not granted the right to resell, reproduce, or sublicense their artwork for any other purposes. Our commitment is to support artists by providing a platform for their creativity while ensuring they remain the rightful controllers of their intellectual property.

You can learn more about this policy by reading our Terms of Service.


No. Our print-on-demand service is entirely white-labeled. Every order is uniquely packaged with your branding, not ours.

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